Immigration Law and Cross-Border Issue

We advise and assist our clients on a spectrum of immigration law issues in Cameroon which includes, but is not limited to, the application of business and non-business visas such as:

·        Temporal visas;

·        Long stay visas;

·        Resident permits (renewals/extension inclusive);

·        Tourist visas;

·        Expatriate mobility advisory;

·        Exit visas.

We equally assist corporations with immigration related services such as document authentication, legalization and notarization of corporate documents with the appropriate consular offices, local registration, criminal background verification services in Cameroon.

We render immigration services for all players in the market ranging from small and medium size enterprises, private investors to multinational and corporate entities.

Our expertise has enabled us to be the only firm in Cameroon to participate in The Dual Citizenship Report ; an international immigration editorial with over 100 contributors from different jurisdictions.